Welcome to Four Weeks For You, here you will get a ‘queer eye for ladies’ experience.  To help you feel confident and at ease with your overall style. 

It’s online 

It’s Self paced

It’s video based 

You get instant ongoing access 

The self paced makeover will take you through step  by step expert insider tutorials from a top stylist, makeup artist and hairdresser. 

It’s a one of a kind program and it’s so affordable…   

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Who is it for?

This online makeover is aimed at any woman who is curious about her own style.
It could be for:
Mum who have changed body shape
A lady on a fitness kick and wanting to revisit their look, or someone who wants to take the fuss out of choosing clothes.

It's not just about clothes our FWFY makeup artist gives you all the inside knowledge, shortcuts, and step by step tutorials as well as advice on what to purchase and how to save money.
Hair week is not just about hairstyles it shows you what cut and shape will be best for you and your face. It gives you tips for your lifestyle, for example wear a headband when you exercise to soak up the sweat and spray a little dry shampoo if you don't have time to hit the shower.

It's video based, fun and self paced. ongoing access is granted and you can start right now.

Need to clean out your wardrobe? There is guidance on how to do this well according to the colours and cuts that suit you as determined in the activities within the program. You will find it so much easier to do you well.
The makeup week is amazing with lots of amazing video tutorials for day makeup, evening and quick. Product recommendations and insider secrets from a top makeup artist.

Before and after FWFY

Each module gives you something different

We know about your hectic schedule. 

Week 1

Week one introduces you to the program and takes you through what colours look best with your skin tone and how to quickly pick these out in your wardrobe and while shopping

You will need to assess if you are more suited to muted, clear or both colour pallets. This will make shopping and choosing colours so much quicker and easier. 


Targeted advice for your figure, do your own self analysis


Week 2

Discuss the right shapes of clothes for your body, go through your wardrobe and review what you have. 

How to shop and choose fabrics and products wisely, how to plan your looks and wardrobe. 

Advice on cleaning out your wardrobe and making everything you buy and wear work for you. 

Step by step makeup tutorials and advice on what to get to suit your skin tone


Week 3

The expert makeup artist takes you through step by step how to achieve three beautiful looks:

10 minutes out the door
Day time look
Evening look

As well as advice on products for you to buy


Hair cuts and styles that suit your face, copy your face shape onto the mirror and follow the steps...

Week 4

Hair, find out your face shape and what hairstyles are best for you

Get tips that will help you style your hair, and get out the door looking fantastic with less fuss. 


"Thank you to the whole FWFY team"

I loved the program and got so many helpful tips. I’ve chopped my hair off into a ‘lob’ as FWFY showed me I had more options than I originally thought. 

Toula the stylist has also helped me keep my boho chic style but with a lot more patterns and colour, which I am loving!

And the makeup video’s and tips were awesome, just loved the whole program. Thanks to the whole team!!


By knowing what colours and styles suit you it makes, dressing, choosing outfits and looks and ultimately getting out the door a snap!


It’s unique and online, what other program gives you tailored styling, makeup and hair advice from home?


Utilising decades of combined experience from the expert, stylist, makeup artist and hairdresser, you will get all of the inside knowledge on how to find your mojo.