FWFY is having a HUGE sale was $189 now only $49

This sale is something small to help you through COVID-19. It's good to have something nice to focus on... yourself for a change!


We are proud of helping women find their mojo for over 3 years and counting..

Women have loved finding their own unique style with FWFY, with the styling, makeup and hair weeks our expert team will help you look good and feel better.

How It Works?

FWFY is an online self paced program as soon as you sign up you will have instant ongoing access to a one of a kind program. FWFY has unique insights from leading industry experts that you would normally only have access to after spending thousands.

"I have really enjoyed the Four Weeks For You experience, it has given me the confidence to try new styles. I have organised my wardrobe, and have outfits ready for the week. I love the makeup tutorials, and I am experimenting in wearing new colours - like pink! Thank you"

So affordable for all women


  • Its easy
  • Its online
  • Its one of a kind

Frequently Asked Questions

No you don’t have to leave the house. Stay in the PJ’s if you want to!


Yes if you have any questions you can email hello@fwfy.style anytime

This program is made for busy women, on average it takes on about 10 minutes a day. However you don’t have to do it every day you have ongoing access so you can take your time and come back to content you like. If you want to practice a makeup look again for example you can. In the long run it WILL save you time.