Welcome to Four Weeks For You!

You are now part of a four week complete, fun, pick me up.

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Week 4 – Presented by Helen Thomson

FWFY WEEK 4 – All about hair – Presented by Helen Thomson

Week 3 – Presented by Kristy Nuttal

FWFY Week 3 – Learn how to be your own makeup artist

Presented by Kristy Nuttal

Week 2 – Presented by Toula Vogdanos

FWFY Week 2 – Knowing your own style and body – Presented by stylist Toula Vogdanos

Week 1 – Presented by Toula Vogdanos

fwfy-week-1- stylist-Toula-Vogdanos

FWFY WEEK 1 – Colours for you to wear – Presented by stylist Toula Vogdanos

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